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For Students

Search our listings

How to use the site:

  • You are not required to have an account to search available listings.
  • Use the 'Rentals Map' tab at the top of the site to search and filter through available listings.
  • Read the many resources available on this site to make sure that you are prepared to live in the North Bay community.

Find a place you are interested in?

  • Reach out to the landlord directly. Each listing provides you with the contact information for the landlord of the rental. Please use their preferred method of contact to reach out.
  • Please consider these tips when reaching out to a landlord:
    • Have a friendly and open greeting
    • Clearly explain who you are and what you are looking for
    • Ask politely about viewing the space, keeping in mind busy schedules
  • Once you have visited a rental property, take your time when making a decision but also know that there are many other students looks at properties the same time.
  • Whether or not you like a rental property, follow-up with the landlord to thank them for take their time to show you their space.

Find a place that you want to rent?

  • Reach out to the landlord directly.
  • If you are required to sign a lease, make sure that the landlord provides you a copy that you can read over and discuss with your roommates and the landlord. Provide a signed copy to the landlord by their timeline.
    • Read your lease fully to understand all the ins and outs
    • Knowing the Residential Tenancies Act will be an asset 
  • If you are required to make any payments prior to move in, make sure that the landlord provides you with a receipt for your payment.

Helpful Tools

There are many helpful tools that we provide for students while they are looking for living spaces in North Bay. Under the 'For Students" tab you will find a menu that directs you to these tools. Here is what you will find on our website:

  • Safety Tips for Renters
    • Protecting yourself and your property
    • Fire prevention information, tips and checklist
  • Searching Tips
    • Checklists
    • Inspecting tips
    • Questions you should be asking landlords
  • Legal Direction
    • Suggestions and resources
  • Living in the City of North Bay
    • Garbage and Recycling information
  • Being a Good Tenant
    • City of North Bay handbook
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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