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This is a shared service for accommodation postings for both Nipissing University and Canadore College students.

Submit a Listing

To submit your rental listing, create a new landlord account or login to your existing account.   

If you are a first time user, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Off Campus Living Account (see link above)
  2. You will be forwarded an email with the payment options or you can proceed with one of the options recorded below in the payment section of this page
  3. Once receipt of payment is provided your account will be activated
  4. You can then login to your activated user account and begin to create your listing - go to the Landlord Login tab and insert your username and password. After you are logged in choose Add a New Listing from the menu.
  5. Email to indicate that your listing is ready for publishing
  6. Off Campus Living will review your listing for adherence with local, provincial, and federal renter laws and for suggestions to give you the best opportunity to find renters
  7. Listing will be published

If you are a returing user, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Off Campus Living (by phone or email)
  2. You will be forwarded the payment options or you can proceed with one of the options recorded below in the payment section of this page
  3. Once receipt of payment is provided your listing will be updated through consultation with you
  4. listing will be published

For assistance please refer to the Landlords guide to creating an account and posting a listing, or contact Off Campus Living via email or phone. 

PDF Application is also available. You can download the form and fill it out, then either fax, mail, or scan and email the form back to us. 



Option 1 - A non-refundable fee of $30.00 covers the registration of one (1) unit for a consective period of 4 months from the time the listing is published to the website. Throughout the consecuitve 4 month period the accommodation can be reposted at any time for no additional charge.

Option 2 - A non-refundable fee of $55.00 covers the registration of one (1) accommodation for a consecutive period of 12 months. Throughout this period, the accommodation can be reposted at anytime at no extra charge.

To make a payment:

  • By cheque (payable to Nipissing University) to Nipissing University c/o Off Campus Living, 900 Gormanville Drive, North Bay ON P1B 9V2.
  • You can stop by the Finance office (F216) in person to pay with cash or debit card.
  • We have an online payment option, the link to which will be distributed via email to anyone who creates a listing.


Please contact the Off Campus Living office to let us know if your listing has been rented. 


Tips for Effective Advertising

Listings on the website are organized by type (room for rent, apartment for rent, house for rent) and also by location within the city.

The costs listed are generally per room/per month; the length of lease generally ranges from terms 10 to 12 months.

It is important to provide a reasonable description of the accommodations you are renting. Mentioning points like proximity to bus routes, amenities, separate entrances, or other "value-added" inclusive items like phone, cable, or internet can go a long way towards helping your listing stand out. Providing pictures of the place you are renting can also really help to get your ad recognized!

It is most common for student leases to conclude on April 30th or August 31st as this schedule compliments that of the academic calendar. Landlords will then have vacancies for new tenants (generally for May 1, or September 1) at a more "natural" time for students to move. Remember that students are often looking for accommodations in advance, generally starting in February for May 1st occupancy, and in June for September 1st occupancy.

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Sign up to receive our newsletter by clicking HERE. The newsletter is geared towards landlords but students are more than welcome to sign up to recieve it as well. 

Terms of Service 

Please find our most up to date version of our terms of service HERE

 Direct any questions to the Off-Campus Living Office at Nipissing University at (705) 474.3450, ext. 4242.

Thanks for your support!

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