Accommodations and Rental Cost Suggestions

Please keep in mind that these are only suggestions for guidelines that both the tenant and the landlords can use when renting accommodations and they are in no way enforced.

Apartment for Rent

1 Br - $500 and up per month.
2 Br - $600 and up per month.
3 Br - $800 and up per month.

An apartment can be your own space, private, or shared. Some apartments are a sectioned part of the landlords home while others are a part of a complex; a bachelor apartment is usually one large room that includes all necessities like a kitchen, bed, and bathroom. There may be other people sharing the building but living in separate units.

Apartment to Share 

$300 and higher per month, per room

An apartment to share differs from an apartment to rent; a shared apartment requires each tenant living in the space to pay separately for his or her room. This is a more economical option, as liability and utilities can be split between the persons sharing the unit. All tenants make a contract with the landlord separately.

Bachelor Apartment

$300-$500 per month

A one bedroom apartment suited for one person only. Too small for two.

Room for Rent

$250 and higher per month

Some people rent out rooms in their home that they currently reside in.  Often, but not always, this room is furnished.  You may not have access to the entire house, but should have access to a kitchen and a washroom. Some landlords may offer room and board for an extra fee. This means that the homeowner will provide meals and food for the tenant. This is a great option for someone who is not a picky eater.

Room and board

A room is rented in a homeowners house and the student is given use of the bathroom and some house privileges, meals are prepared by the homeowners for the students at set times which will be worked out by the landlord and tenant.

In a room and board type situation the rent can often be paid weekly rather than monthly if the tenant prefers. In this case, the rent can be anywhere from $50 - $200 a week. If paying monthly, the rent can be $400 and higher per month, meals included.


$700-2500 per month, depending on size and how many rooms

This type of rental requires an agreement with one individual and the landlord for an entire house. To offset the cost of renting a home, the renter may choose to find roommates. Only one person is directly paying the landlord, putting more liability on the single individual.

House to Share 

$400-600 per month, per room

A shared house requires each tenant living in the home to pay separately for their room, sharing the space with the other tenants living there. This is a more economical way of renting a home, since the liability of rent and utility payments are not directly on one person. All tenants make a contract with the landlord separately.



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