Frequently Asked Questions for Landlords

What is the Off Campus Living Program?

The Off Campus Living program is designed to assist students in sourcing housing off campus. We connect students who are looking for places to live, with landlords who have rental listings on our website. We provide resources for both landlords and students to make renting experiences pleasant.

How do I List on the Website?

To list on our website you can either create a new landlord account, or print out our PDF application. Applications can be faxed, mailed, or dropped off at our office. You can also call and give your information over the phone and we will input the listing for you. For more detailed information, visit the Get Listed page.

How Much Does it Cost?

We offer two payment options:

Option 1 - A non-refundable fee of $30.00 covers the registration of one accommodation for a consecutive period of 90 days between May 1st to April 30th of the following year. Throughout the 90 days the accommodation posting has been paid, it can be reposted at any time at no extra charge.

Option 2 - A non-refundable fee of $55.00 covers the registration of one accommodation from May 1st to April 30th of the following year. Throughout the year that the accommodation posting has been paid, it can be reposted at anytime at no extra charge.

How do I Pay?

We take cash, debit, cheque, and credit (Visa and Mastercard). To pay with cash, cheque or debit you must come to the University and process the payment at the Financial Aid office (F216). A cheque may also be attached to the application and mailed. To pay with credit card, you can use our online payment form (distributed via email), or stop by the finiancial aid office.

What if I Have Posted on Off Campus Living before?

Many users post with us more than once, if you have posted the previous year and would like to post again, let us know and we will recycle your listing. This makes for a quick and easy set up.

I Just Rented out my Place, What Happens to my Listing?

Once your space is rented, please let us know. When notified we will mark it as unpublished, it will go into our online database, no longer appearing on the listings. This means that whenever you want to repost the listing, we can simply publish your advertisement again.

What’s the Difference Between Making an Account Online and Submitting an Application in Person or over the Phone?

When you make an account online, you set up your own rental listing, giving you access to change it whenever you would like. When you submit an application to us, we make the rental listing for you. To change anything on the advertisement, you can call or email us with your request and we will edit it as soon as possible.

I Made an Account but Haven’t Been Approved/Can’t Sign in?

If you have made an account with us and never received approval, there may be various reasons for that. First off, check your junk mail folder for the approval email, sometimes the email is detected as spam and does not end up in your inbox. Secondly, check your username and password. If you cannot log on to your account, the username or password may be faulty. If this is the case, call or email us and we will review your information and give you a new username or password. Lastly, your account may have been flagged as spam by accident, in a case like this, call or email us with your full name, and username, we will then search our spam emails and activate your account if it appears there.

What Can I do if I Run into Trouble With my Tenant?

The Off Campus Living program can’t offer legal help directly, but if you have any issues or concerns contact us and we will point you to the appropriate resource. We have various legal resources that can inform and assist landlords and students on what to do in certain situations.

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