Frequently Asked Questions for Landlords

What is the Off Campus Living Program?

The Off Campus Living program is designed to assist students in connecting to housing off campus. We connect students who are looking for places to live, with landlords who have rental listings on our website. We provide resources for both landlords and students to make renting experiences pleasant.

How do I list on the website?

To list on our website, please see our "Get Listed" tab under the "For Landlords" menu for a detailed step by step guide.

I made an account but can’t sign in?

Our office is transitioning to a listing service provided through Placea4Students, so new accounts are not being accepted on this webiste. To post a listing, please create an account with Places4Students and they will be able to provide you with information about listing.

What can I do if I run into trouble with my tenant?

The Off Campus Living program can’t offer legal help directly, but if you have any issues or concerns contact us and we will point you to the appropriate resource. We have various legal resources that can inform and assist landlords and students on what to do in certain situations.

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