Being a Good Tenant

Being a Good Neighbour

While you may no longer be living on campus, you are still required to be responsible and aware of your neighbours and surroundings while living off campus. You are a contributing members of the community and have the ability to make it great!

City of North Bay Good Neighbour Handbook

How to be a good neighbour:

  • Be considerate to others living around you.
  • Be respectful of your noise level.
  • Follow city by-laws and parking guidelines.
  • Take the time to meet and introduce yourself to your neighbours.

Being a Good Tenant

How to be a good tenant:

  • Read and understand your lease thoroughly before signing.
  • Do not break your lease.
  • Pay your rent on time. Even if there are issues with your rental property, you are not legally allowed to withhold the payment of rent.
  • Reach out to your landlord immediately if there are any issues.
  • Treat your rental like you own it.

Being a Good Roommate

Roommate Tips:

  • Best friends don't always make the best roommates - Pick someone responsible to live with, not just a good friend.
  • Communicate - This is key! Figure out the best method of communication in conflict situations.
  • Be understanding - If their dished pile up during exams, cut them some slack.
  • Do your share - Try to be the roommate that consistently cleans up. The use of a chore chart could be very helpful.
  • Keep it quiet - Be respectful to different roommate schedules and lifestyles.

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