Inspecting the Property

Although you may not feel comfortable inspecting an apartment during your visit, it’s important to remember that you will likely be living there for the 8-month school year, so check everything that you can:


____    Close to grocery store, convenience store, laundromat, bank

____    Close proximity to campus,

____    Access to bus system

____    Safe neighbourhood


____    Ample parking

____    Acceptable state of repair of the building (both outside and inside)

____    Areas are clean, grass has been mowed recently, and garbage is properly secured

____    Good appearance and upkeep of the unit (carpets clean, no pests)

____    Condition of the ceiling, walls and floors (water leaks?)

____    Checked around windows/doors for drafts

 ____   Lighting in each room (ceiling fixtures)

____    Checked all light switches

____    Checked all electrical outlets (grounded?)

____    Access to the fuse box/circuit breakers

____    Access and use of the temperature control

____    Checked faucets for both water pressure and for hot water

____    Checked under the sink for water leaks/damage

____    Appliances are in working order

____    Checked and flushed the toilet

____    Checked bathroom for leaks/damage/discoloration (mildew stains)

____    Telephone, internet, and cable available


____    Main entrance door to apartment secure with a lock/deadbolt

____    All entrances are well-lighted

____    Windows are secured and lockable

____    Fire exit(s)

____    Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors


____    The landlord is responsible for cutting grass

____    The landlord is responsible for shoveling snow

Rental Terms:

____  What is the cost of rent $_____________________/month

____  Rent includes utilities (if not what is not included_________________)

____  A lease is required

____  Subletting is allowed

*A printable version of this checklist is located in the Student's Guide to Off Campus Living, available from the Resources tab.

Renter's Insurance

You can insure your belongings against loss, theft or damage at a relatively low cost. Companies that insure your car or other family property may offer discounts on a renter's insurance policy. 

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